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Over the years, the wave of hair has been an on-going roller coaster. With the many different categories of bundles ranging from Peruvian to Malaysian and lashes ranging from mink to synthetic, not too many business owners know how to get in contact with the direct suppliers. You’re either believing the middleman that is pretending to be a direct contact or unnecessarily paying thousands of dollars just to get a vendors contact information.

In this industry, there are so many secrets that keep others from thriving. The only issue is, there is room for everyone. At KrazeCo, our main purpose is to serve as the resource to get your business rolling. We have found a way to bring these resources to you: lists of vendors (a minimum of 7), marketing techniques and handy tips. Whether you’re just now opening shop or tired of over paying the middle man, we can help get your business going with low cost investments.


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Hair Vendors 2018


As our lists are updated periodically to keep up with this fast moving industry, we have combined the head-runners of 2018. If you’re looking to stay ahead of your competition this is for you.

Hair Vendors 2017


There were so many great accomplishments with these lists of people. With a splurge of over 5,000,000 orders amongst them all, we have combined the list of the year.

Lash Vendors 2018


This has become a thriving industry within the last few months. There are plenty of retailers but do you know the direct suppliers? Rise above your competitors and get them now.

Lash Vendors 2017


Don’t get discouraged from this list as last year was only a few months ago. You’ll only be slightly behind the curve. These are still high quality vendors that can keep you going for the long run.

Marketing Cheat Sheet


Don’t like the idea of reading drawn out information? We don’t either. This is one page mastermind is just for you. Access to a 70 million+ growth network to get you REAL likes, comments, views, and more. We show you who to contact and what to say. You can get business booming in less than 3 days.

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